Why Racing Drivers Make For The Best Hookups

You know those guys that are always driving around in their fast cars, looking like they have it all together? Those men with the dark hair and handsome faces? Yeah… They’re a lot more fun than you might think.

There’s something about a man who can drive a car really well that makes him attractive to many women using a free sex app. So if he’s also good-looking, then he’ll be even hotter. What’s not to love about that?

The whole idea of having sex with someone who drives fast is super hot because it turns your mind into some kind of fantasy land. You become so caught up in the moment, that you won’t care about anything else. It’s almost as though you’ve been transported into some new world where there are no responsibilities or worries.

Racing drivers are often pretty successful and financially stable. This means that they have the money to spend on nice things for you and your friends when you go out together, which will make you feel like an instant celebrity.

They also live fast lives. These boys know how to enjoy life and party hard. If you’re feeling stressed from work or school and need some time away, invite one of these badboys over and forget about everything else.

How To Hook Up With A Boat Racer?

So now we’ve got you convinced you should try to hook up with a boat racer, but what’s the best way to do it? Well, first things first, you need to start by finding one. You could of course try Tinder, one of the more popular dating apps.However, if you really just want to have some fun, a free hookup finder may be better suited to you.

Here, I’ve listed two of the most popular and effective sites to help you get started:

#1 – HornyMatches

Horny Matches is a website that has been specifically created for people looking to meet new people and have casual sex. It’s completely free to use, and all you have to do is create a profile, and specify racing under your interests.

This site has millions of members, so you shouldn’t have any trouble meeting someone near you who’s looking for the same thing as you. Just beware, there will probably be plenty of other people trying to pick them up too, so you’ll need to make sure you stand out somehow.

#2 – Meet Locals

Meet Locals is another great service that you can use to try to hook up with a boat racer. Unlike Horny Matches, this one has a wider range of features available, including a chat room, which allows you to connect with hundreds of locals at once.

It’s free to sign up, and all you need to do is enter a few basic details such as your age, location, gender, and sexual preferences. Then, you can start browsing profiles and sending messages to people that interest you.

How To Attract Racing Drivers

Just because you’ve found yourself a guy who loves fast cars or boats doesn’t mean you automatically have his heart. There are plenty of ladies out there who are after the same thing, so you’ll need to make sure you stand out. Here’s how to attract a boat racer.

#1 – Be Fit And Healthy

If you’re going to have sex with a sportsman, you don’t want him to be breaking any health rules. In fact, it’s much better if he looks like he could easily keep up with you in bed.

So whatever you do, stay fit and healthy. Don’t forget to eat right and exercise regularly. This will make you look great and give you a confidence boost, both of which will make you much more attractive.

#2 – Dressing Well

Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to dress down to impress a man. Being sexy is one of the best ways to catch a guy’s eye, especially one who enjoys physical sport.

Wear clothes that show off your body, but be careful not to go overboard. Take note of the clothing styles that are popular among sportsmen and use these as inspiration for your own outfits.

#3 – Show Off Your Body

Men are naturally attracted to beautiful women. If you want to catch someone’s attention, then you need to show off your assets. Wear tight clothing whenever you go out, so that everyone can see your figure.

Don’t worry too much about how you look, just focus on being confident and happy. If you’re proud of your body, you’re bound to turn heads.

#4 – Flirt With Him

As I said before, men love strong women. When you’re flirting with a guy who likes sports, try to be playful and flirtatious. Don’t take yourself too seriously, just have fun with it!

#5 – Play Hard To Get

When you’re interested in someone, you don’t always have to be so obvious about it. Instead, play hard to get. Send him messages or texts every day without giving too much away.

Don’t respond immediately or answer calls straightaway. By doing this, you’ll make him work for your attention. He’ll appreciate the chase and realize that you’re not easy to get.

Trying to seduce a boat racer is a challenge, especially if you don’t know what to expect. But remember that these men are used to being pursued, so all you have to do is put in a little effort and you’ll be fine.

Good luck!

XCAT Racing Girls Are Posting Nude TikToks To This Site

Girls everywhere are using OnlyFans to make some extra money, or even totally replace their regular jobs and get rich. It’s a great way for people with a lot of followers on social media to offer exclusive content to fans.

Anyone with a large social media following can start on sites like OnlyFans and use it as a platform from which they sell exclusive content. But these girls who’ve made a career of XCAT racing and amassed a large following on TikTok and Instagram are using a lesser known site called ChickTok instead.

What Is ChickTok?

ChickTok is pretty much exactly what you would guess: An adult version of TikTok where post hot nude pics! It’s basically the same concept as OnlyFans, but modeled after TikTok. You can browse profiles by genre and see all of the posts that users have posted, plus follow them if you want to be notified when they upload new content.

ChickTok is more than a place to post and enjoy NSFW TikTok content. With this app, people are able to search for other users near them, chat, and even arrange hookups.

Some of the hottest chicks on TikTok are also posting their nudes to ChickTok. They’re making a killing off of showing off their bodies, and you can get in on the action too.

Why Are XCAT Professionals Posting To ChickTok?

The most obvious reason why XCAT racers are using ChickTok when they already have successful racing careers isbecause they can make some extra cash and connect with fans. Since this is a site for sharing content specifically related to nudes, XCAT racers are able to post their sexy selfies and get paid for it.

There are so many racers who love to show off their sexy bodies and share their intimate moments with fans. Seeing them do the same thing on a site dedicated to nudes is only natural. In fact, this makes sense for any top-tier racer that has built up a huge following on social media.

A lot of the racers who are posting to ChickTok might not have the popularity of other girls, but they still have thousands of followers. ChickTok lets them make some extra cash, sometimes a lot of it, in the off season.

Why Are The Racers So Popular On TikTok?

One of the reasons that XCAT racers are famous across the world is because of their skill. They may not be the best at every event, but they’re always really good. Their intense training sessions allow them to perform well at every race.

For example, this video shows one of the most thrilling crashes that you’ll ever see. You can see how skilled these athletes are in terms of controlling their XCAT boats. The girls who race in XCAT are very physically fit, and for many ChickTok users, seeing someone so sexy and skilled is a major turn-on.

These racers are attractive, and they’re getting naked on camera. That’s a combination that’s hard to beat. People find themselves watching videos of these racers over and over again, just to admire their beautiful bodies.


If you love looking at beautiful women on social media, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join ChickTok. If you’re a fan of XCAT racing, you should definitely check out these pages and see some of the hottest female racers around.

You can keep your eye on the racers you already know, and you can also discover new ones that you never knew existed.



Famous for its sun, surf and sand, the City of Gold Coast stretches along 52 kilometres of coastline. The Gold Coast is the sixth largest city in Australia, the nation’s biggest non-capital city and is located in one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.

The Gold Coast enjoys a subtropical climate with an average of 300 days of sunshine annually.

The city’s natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle and ideal location make the Gold Coast one of the most unique cities in which to live and work. Beyond the stunning coastline and beaches is a vast rainforest hinterland with breathtaking scenery – all a short drive from the city’s regional centres

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Visitors can also enjoy outstanding evening entertainment from nightclubs, restaurants, clubs, hotels and Jupiters Casino to art galleries, Broadway musicals and theatre.


City of Gold Coast is fast becoming the sporting and events capital of Australia and looks forward to welcoming the fourth round of the UIM XCAT World Series- the greatest motorsport on water

This is a FREE to attend event and patrons will also have access to XCAT Central, featuring an Entertainment Quarter, Food Bazaar, Kids Zone and Pit Alley.



It may be less well-known than some of its neighbours, but the emirate of Fujairah on the UAE’s east coast has plenty to offer visitors to its shores.

Each weekend, plenty of Dubai residents head to the unspoilt beaches of Fujairah to enjoy a relaxing getaway on the Gulf of Oman.

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Along with an intriguing cultural heritage (the emirate is home to Al Badiyah mosque – the oldest in the UAE, dating back to the 15th Century), Fujairah also offers a stunning corniche along the beach front which brings together locals and visitors alike.

Founded in 1999, Fujairah International Marine Club, host venue of round 1 of the UIM XCAT World Series, is the only facility of its kinds on the east coast of the UAE.

FIMC organises several international events – not only powerboating but also sailing and jet ski competitions, as well as traditional marine sports such as Shoosh and UAE Dhow and rowing races.



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Bin Hendi predicts closer season for 2017

Bin Hendi predicts closer season for 2017

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the World Professional Powerboating Association (WPPA) has predicted a much closer finish in the UIM XCAT World Series standings, starting from next season.

Ali Bin Hendi, who was recently appointed at the Dubai-based WPPA, said that the entry of the four-stroke engines from next year will usher in a new edge to XCAT powerboat racing around the world. “We have a fantastic product in the UIM XCAT World Series, and with the entry of the four-stroke engines next season, the teams will be challenged even further due to the inclusion of new dimensions within the series,” Bin Hendi said at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the fourth and final round of the 2016 UIM XCAT World Series that concluded at the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC) last Friday.

“With the introduction of the new engines, my hunch is that teams will get even closer to each other and a champion will be known only at the end of the season. And of course, as world champions there will be additional pressure on Victory Team to ensure they stay clear of all competition by doing something special,” he noted.

Bin Hendi predicts closer season for 2017

“With the new engines in place starting 2017, we are sure all teams will have an even chance to tussle for the title. And the difference will ultimately be made due to the handling of boats and skills of the drivers. We are in for a great future in this brand of powerboating,” Bin Hendi added.

The top official was grateful to the tremendous support shown by the ADIMSC led Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Advisor to the Head of State and Chairman of the Board of directors of the ADIMSC and to the board of directors of Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC).

“There are so many people who love powerboat racing here, and they are forever willing to lend a helping hand to our sport. With such backing we can only dream about a much better season ahead,” Bin Hendi said.

Meanwhile, the WPPA has already commenced discussions with various venues predominantly in Europe to firm up the calendar for 2017. “We are looking at a few venues seriously and all teams will be updated on the new calendar when everything is finalized, and when the time is right,” Bin Hendi related.

“People will not have to wait for long for the announcement of the new calendar,” he insisted.



Abu Dhabi is certainly no stranger to sports fans. Throughout the year, the capital of the United Arab Emirates welcomes the world to an incredible assortment of international sporting events.

From tennis, to Formula One to the Volvo Ocean Race – Abu Dhabi has it all.

But of course it’s not all about sport as Abu Dhabi also has plenty of other amazing encounters and activities on offer.

To experience the local culture, a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must. This spectacular structure is the largest mosque in the UAE, able to accommodate up to 40,000 worshippers.


Incredible architecture, beautiful beaches, magnificent dunes and ancient forts also provide visitors with a fascinating offering while for the adrenaline junkies, there’s always the world’s fastest roller-coaster. That’s the Formula Rossa at the exhilarating Ferrari World amusement park on Yas Island, which hurtles round the track at a nail-biting 240km per hour.

Come November, also speeding up a storm will be the boats from around the world that will take to the water for the final round of the UIM XCAT World Series – a thrilling three days of action after which the world champions will ultimately be crowned.

Al Zaffain and Bin Hendi cherish one more world title

Al Zaffain and Bin Hendi cherish one more world title

The UAE’s Arif Saif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Hendi were looking confidently towards the new season after clinching yet another world crown at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – the fourth and final round of the 2016 UIM XCAT World Series, held in Abu Dhabi on Friday [November 18].

Testing their brand-new Generation 2 boat that has been newly-built at their team base in Jebel Ali, Al Zaffain and Bin Hendi had to sit out through most of the final round after they flipped on the very second lap of the race. But all the hard work done during the first three rounds of the championships paid off as the Victory Team duo had already amassed 129 points to secure yet another world crown to their collection.

Salem Al Adidi and Eisa Al Ali made it a Dubai double as Dubai 33 won the fourth round over the weekend. That win took Al Adidi and Al Ali to 106 points and second place overall behind their stable-mates.

The Abu Dhabi 5 boat with Rashed Al Tayer and Majed Al Mansoori completed the podium in the overall standings with a second place in their home race to take their tally up to 98 points.

“The Abu Dhabi round has been one of our most disappointing races so far,” Al Zafeen said. “We wish we had the new boat performing for us throughout the week as we wanted to see how we could get a head-start for next season. But the turn at the first buoy may have been a bit too sharp and that led up flipping out of the race,” he rued.

Till that disastrous second lap on the breakwaters of the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC), Victory Team had kept up its chase of leaders Dubai 33, while Abu Dhabi 5 lagged behind in a close third. “There is very little we can do to change anything now. The advantage is still with us and we hope to build up on this success for the new season,” Al Zaffain added.

Al Zaffain and Bin Hendi cherish one more world title

Among the group of four chasing the runners-up spot, Mikael Bengsston and Erik Stark in their Swecat Racing boat, ended in seventh place to sign off in fourth overall for the 2016 season. And the Gold Coast Australia pairing of Tom Barry-Cotter and Ross Willaton took fifth overall after limping out towards the end of the race.

Overall Standings at the end of the 2016 UIM XCAT World Series that concluded with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Friday, November 18:

  • 1. Victory Team (3) – Arif Saif Al Zaffain (UAE)/Nadir Bin Hendi (UAE) – 137 points
  • 2. Dubai (33) – Salem Al Adidi (UAE)/Eisa Al Ali (UAE) – 106 points
  • 3. Team Abu Dhabi (5) – Majed Al Mansoori (UAE)/Rashed Al Tayer (UAE) – 98 points
  • 4. Swecat Racing (2) – Mikael Bengtsson (SWE)/Erik Stark (SWE) – 83 points
  • 5. Gold Coast. Australia (11) – Tom Barry-Cotter (AUS)/Ross Willaton (AUS) – 82 points
  • 6. T-Bone Station (10) – Giovanni Carpitella (ITA)/Ahmed Al Hameli (UAE) – 77 points
  • 7. Carpisa Yamamay (22) – Alfredo Amato (ITA)/Diego Testa (ITA) – 51 points
  • 8. The Blue Roo (8) – Brett Luhrmann (AUS)/Pal-Virik Nilsen (NOR) – 51 points
  • 9. Lady Spain (46) – Joakim Kumlin (SWE)/Jay Price (USA) – 40 points
  • 10. Yacht (96) – Saul Bubacco (ITA)/Francois Pinelli (FRA) – 39 points
  • 11. Fujairah Team (20) – Serafino Barlesi (ITA)/Alessandro Barone (ITA) – 32 points
  • 12. Six (6) – Matteo Nicolini (ITA)/Alfredo Nuzzo (ITA) – 25 points
  • 13. Raheeb (17) – Abdullatif Al Omani (KWT)/Khaled Burabee (KWT) – 19 points
  • 14. Team Abu Dhabi (4) – Majed Saeed Al Mansoori (UAE)/Rashed Mubarak Al Qamzi (UAE) – 8 points

Dubai 33 spring one final surprise to win Abu Dhabi GP

Dubai 33 spring one final surprise to win Abu Dhabi GP

Salem Al Adidi and Eisa Al Ali led from Pole Position to win an exciting fourth and final round and along with it the second spot in the overall standings of the 2016 UIM XCAT World Series at the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC) breakwater on Friday.

Red-flagged after defending world champions Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Hendi flipped on the very second lap of the race, Dubai 33 fought grimly to hold off the home team duo of Rashed Al Tayer and Salem Al Mansoori in Abu Dhabi 5 and secure the second spot behind Victory Team in the overall standings for the season.

Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Advisor to the Head of State and Chairman of the Board of directors of the ADIMSC, presented the various winners with trophies in the presence of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, President of ADIMSC, Mohammed Al Mutaiwee from Victory Team, Mohammed Hareb from DIMC, and other top officials.

Despite running with a two-stroke engine, the T-Bone Station duo of Giovanni Carpitella and Ahmed Al Hameli came in a pleasing third place, just one second clear of Sweden’s Joakim Kumlin and former F1 champion Jay Price from the USA in Lady Spain.

The French-Italian pairing of Francois Pinelli and Saul Bubacco in Yacht followed in fifth, while sixth spot went to the Blue Roo duo of Brett Luhrmann of Australia and Pal-Virik Nilsen of Norway.

Dubai 33 spring one final surprise to win Abu Dhabi GP

Swecat Racing, one of the four boats who were in with a chance of finishing runners-up behind Victory Team for the season had to stay content with seventh, while Kuwait’s Abdul Latif Al Omani and Khaled Burabee in Raheeb had to stay content with eighth spot leaving ninth place for Russian debutants, Mikhail Kitashev and Dmitry Vandyshev in their brand-new Victory Team-built New Star boat.

It was a disappointing end for Carpisa Yamamay as Alfredo Amato and Diego Testa were unable to start the race following mechanical issues with their boat. Scheduled to start in third place on the grid, the Italians had continued with their impressionable weekend while clocking the best time of 2:18.006 during the final official practice session on Friday morning. But plagued by mechanical issues, Carpisa Yamamay had to head back to the wet pits even before the green flag.

Four teams – Swecat Racing, Gold Coast Australia, Abu Dhabi 5 and Dubai 33 – had been in the reckoning for second overall going into the final round of the 2016 season.

However, Gold Coast Australia started experiencing problems with the steering, and despite some additional minutes when the red flag was out when defending world champions Victory Team flipped on the second lap, the Australia duo of Tom Barry-Cotter and Ross Willaton could not catch up and stay in contention to challenge Dubai 33 and Abu Dhabi 5 till the end.

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